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Time To Clean Up Your Friends List. “Improve Your Audience Engagement”


Are you getting crickets on your Facebook post? Whenever you post about

your business opportunity, does it seem like all of a sudden your friends go

blind? When on the other hand, if you post


“I Got The Job!”


Your friends almost break your like button!LOL😄😆😅🤣


Well, there’s a logical explanation for this… One of the marketing tips I often

share with entrepreneurs I coach online always comes as a complete

shocker. That is the importance of strategically building your friends list…


Most people who attempt to market their products and services on their

social media, never really have a true relationship with their following, and

are often times sharing their post or content with the wrong audience.

Here on the Prostayhomedad blog, I will help you discover that you’ll get a

bigger response from your post by building your friends list with a highly

targeted audience. Meaning people who share the same mindset and

interest as you. If you’re an entrepreneur on social media, You need to start

right away with figuring out who’s really on your friend’s list…


Take inventory…


To your surprise, You may find a lot of people on your list who you wouldn’t

want there taking up space. These people are inactive and it’s simply because

they don’t know you, and you haven’t built a relationship with them. Also,

there’s a possibility that they’re just not at all interested in what you post

about. Most of them may not even be business minded individuals…


Make no mistakes… marketing is about delivering the right message in front

of the right audience over time… This is how you’ll get the response you’re

looking for when you post about your business. Time to become “The

Friends List Landlord”


Folks who aren’t Liking, Commenting or Sharing… HAVE TO GO!!! 



You’re much better off replacing them with people who will find value in what

you have to say.  Your new audience will ultimately take a look at what

you have to offer. Always remember, This is “Social Media”.


So the goal is to just do that, BE SOCIAL!


Shift your thinking from, I gotta get people to look at my business to…

“How do I add value and share resourceful information that impacts people,

and even improves the life of my Facebook friends? And don’t be afraid to

entertain!… Be funny even. Be real. Most importantly. . . Be yourself!


So many people right now are battling with the frustration of trying to figure

out how to get people to pay attention to them and what they’re doing.

Well, here it is… Do you want to know how to get people to pay attention?

Give them something they actually care about…


Don’t take this the wrong way… but initially, people don’t care about your

business opportunity or anything you offer. That’s until they figure out what’s

in it for them… The reality is, online people are naturally selfish.


You’ll be successful online as long as you remember this, it’s always about

putting the right message in front of the right audience. In another post here

on the Prostayhomedad blog, I actually go into more detail about content

marketing. There’s even a free video training you can watch that walks you

through simple ways to create a Facebook post that entice your audience to

take a look.



-See it here-


However, for now, let’s build the right audience. Go to your friend’s list and

literally start cleaning house. This should become part of your daily task. You

should take at least 15 to 20 minutes a day deleting inactive friends and

replacing them with people who have the ideal mindset. People who share

your interest, or are involved in the work from home niche.


An easy way to quickly find the right people is by joining work from home

groups. You’ll meet a ton of new people to add to your list there. Remember

the key isn’t to sell your deal to them…Or to start spamming inside of these

groups. All you want to do is make a connection. Another suggestion is to

make sure you go to your Facebook search bar and paste this in —> my

friends who are in work from home business



Then by filtering the results to “Your Friends”, you will be able to see

right away all of your friends who are involved in the work from home

industry… These are the folks you want to keep on your list. The only thing to

do now is make a connection with them.


In conclusion, there are so many things you can do with Facebook marketing!

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Leverage the #1 activity everyone’s addicted to online…


Watch the best viral videos online… Share videos that you like and capture targeted daily

leads to grow your business!




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