With 24hrs in a day sometimes feeling more like 24 seconds, how do you

maximize your time in order to stay ahead and get more done in your

business? Stick with me briefly through these few short paragraphs, As I

believe by the end of you reading this you will have had a major



Everyone deals with time challenges. I have found that I’m not the only one

when it comes to feeling like time isn’t on my side. Lack of time is one of the

most common challenges home business entrepreneurs have in staying

consistent with their efforts in building their business.


Few have yet to figure out what I am sharing with you here in this post. This

simple shift in thinking and strategy is an absolute must for any home

business entrepreneur that wants to be more productive, and specifically,

have more time freedom and results in this new age of business.


So… A.T. M ” Automate, Teach And Monetize.


What is the click of a button business model? Well simply explained, It is to

create the reality where your business generates income around the clock on

autopilot and you are no longer chasing people, people are now chasing you.


Imagine this,

What would it be like to have people every day getting in touch with you

because they want to join what you’re doing, and they want to learn from

you, Or even buy your product?


This is possible and can be done in a simple way with what is called

“Marketing Automation”. Most people aren’t getting enough done because

they’re spending so much of their time doing the repetitive task while trying

to build their business.


Total Time Killer. . .

What you need is an automated way to spread your marketing message

without having to spend so much time engaged in daily time-consuming

activities that are not making you money.


Here’s the reality. . .

If your business only works when you work, then you’re not creating true

freedom. You’re really just creating a job that you own.


This is not the goal…


In just a minute you’re going to learn how to automate things like talking to

more people about your business, How to have qualified people finding you,

and wanting to learn more about what you offer.


Also, how to show your presentation 24/7 and boost how often you get to educate

people about your products and services attracting more business… And more income!

Lastly, the most important element for any business in order to succeed is…


“The Follow-up”


The follow-up process is where most people definitely drop the ball. It’s not

that people don’t want to be better at following up. So why is this most

peoples weak spot? The answer is…


Time Limitations!

Time limitations are a huge landmine for most people building a work from

home business, or in any other niche as well. Hey, life get’s in the way sometimes right?

We don’t always figure out how to calculate our time appropriately when

there are so many important things that we have to think about that must be

done. Like having a job, raising small children, making sure that we’re

spending valuable time with our family, church responsibilities, working

out…The list goes on!


You’re about to discover how to escape the time limitation beast and grow

your business consistently no matter what you’re doing, or how busy you are.


How to market onlineRead post




Another thing you will learn is how powerful becoming a

content creator and teacher of what you know is. Content

creation is an extremely effective way to build your

personal brand and attract quality people daily without

looking for anyone…

This is how you become the “Hunted” instead of the hunter.

Positioning yourself as an expert in your niche will put you light years above

the rest. You don’t even have to be as good as the best…


If you simply teach what you know about what you offer, and you focus on

educating instead of always trying to persuade people to buy or join what

you have…You will never have to ask for the sale…or even for people to join




Oh, this is a beautiful thing!!


I touch on this topic often. I believe it is one of the most important elements

in creating a freedom lifestyle business.


Can you imagine what it would be like if you could simply share your

thoughts, and your expertise no matter what it may be? Your opinion even?

Would it be awesome if you could attract like-minded people daily?  People

who have become your fans, and want you to show them how they can do

what you do?


In another post here on my blog called “Content is King” How Content Leads

To Sales. I share with you how to create simple content that stimulates

interest in your products, services, your offers, and generates income for you

on autopilot.


“Content is King” How Content Leads To Sales.


Content is king. When you share valuable content that educates and even

entertains your audience it makes them want to spend money with you.

When you have value, people want to pay for it.


Create content that touches on the many ways your product, service, or

business can make your prospect’s life better, and then monetize your

content by giving your prospect the best opportunity to take advantage of

your offer.

When you bring together these simple concepts, What you create is “The

click of a button business model” Which realistically is the business model

people really want.


Ask anyone. Would you rather make 100,000 dollars a year, but you have

limited time with your family and very few days off? Or make 65,000 a year

with more control over your schedule, lots of time to take vacations and

plenty of free time to spend with your family? We know the obvious pick



It’s not the money people are after… It’s the freedom. The money is simply a

tool. That said, you want to make sure that you’re really building a freedom

business. Most people don’t really take the time to think about if their

method of building their business every day will really give them the time

freedom they truly want.


I know some people who earn really great income… But they are time broke.

They built a business that became profitable…but takes all of their time in

order for it to run.


Why is the ‘Click of a button business model” so attractive?


Well… It’s the idea of building an unlimited income business from your laptop

or mobile devices, working from your virtual office, being able to travel or

work from anywhere, and having a business that grows 24/7 generating

passive residual income even when you’re asleep.


Imagine having your very own audience who craves what you have to talk

about? Your social media post, your videos, your emails, They absolutely can’t

wait to see what you’re going to share with them next… What do you think

this would do for your business if you had this type of following?


The click of a button business model basically means that you have built your

virtual distribution method. Your online reach allows you to share whatever

you want with your audience with a click of a mouse.


This is life changing because you are able to generate income by clicking a

send button or tapping on the words post or share.


Would you like to see how this is being done right now?

I want to show you how to get more done in less time. Also how simple it is to

grow your business and attract quality people daily that want to learn more

about your business and join you.

All you need is a platform.


Learn how to Automate, Teach and Monetize with:

Power Lead System

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