Have you heard these famous words before? “The Money Is In The List?”

Is Lead generation something that you’re struggling with? Do you need more

people to talk to about your business? I want to show you right now how to

build a targeted buyers list, and easily start exposing the right people to your

business! This method is 100% FREE! All it requires to make it work is a little


People fail in their business simply because they can’t generate enough

exposure. Never forget this. . . It’s A NUMBERS GAME!  And quite frankly, if

you can’t do the numbers you will continue to fail. So the question becomes,

how do you position yourself so you never have to worry about generating

fresh leads ever again?


Here’s the answer. You must have a high-value front end offer that attracts

your target market. Here is something that you’ll want to be aware of. . .

Every month there is someone quitting what they’re doing in business to look

for something else to do because they’re looking for a way to create faster

results. Understand this is millions of people we’re talking about! Everyone’s

looking for the golden ticket so to speak.


Well here’s the secret! If you’re consistently building a list of work from home

entrepreneurs and you know that 87% of them will eventually quit what

they’re doing because it’s not working… Then what you want to be doing is

putting them on your list by sharing a high-value free offer that they will want

to take advantage of in exchange for their email.


People quit what they’re doing all of the time trying to find something that

works… What they want is guidance leadership and direction. They want a




By growing your email database, this will give you the opportunity to position

yourself as an authority figure and a coach simply by sharing value with your

list of entrepreneurs. Value like motivational videos. Links to your social

media to share daily quotes, training, sharing your blog post.


By sharing helpful content with your list, you will begin to connect with the

people on your list and really shape their perception of you. Naturally, a shift

will happen. Because so many people on your list will begin to see you as a

resource and a leader/coach… When the time comes, and it will come… As

someone on your list is looking for an opportunity to join… Guess who

they’re most likely going to come looking for. Of course, YOU!

This will feel like the most natural thing to do for people on your list.

Understand, most people have a hard time finding people that they can

trust online. So because you have built a real relationship with your list

by sharing all the value, helpful resources, and information that has

helped them along the way…You will already have earned their trust. 

More than likely they have already done their research on what you do

because they’re on your list and they have gone far in their investigation of

you and what you do outside of all the value you have been sharing with

them… Which is a very good thing. Online you don’t want to have anything to

hide. You want to give people full disclosure of who you are and what you do,

and also how you help people.


So let’s start building your targeted list and put this game plan into play! Are

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