Do you want to know right now the #1 thing successful entrepreneurs focus on to build

passive income streams on the internet? 

One word pretty much sums it up… “Distribution”!

Entrepreneurs who are successful with their marketing focus on,




Targeted distribution of their marketing messages across multiple platforms!


Online this is the most important thing to focus on! This one aspect alone can

dictate how effective your marketing can be whenever you are promoting

your business. In other words, Your reach is what I mean when we’re talking

about distribution. How many people can you touch with your message? Also

how targeted are the people you’re reaching with your marketing message?


One of the things we’re really big about here on the Prostayhomedad Blog is

the power of building your unique audience. Yes, even you have an audience.

There are people in the world right now waiting to learn from your expertise,

and they’re also ready to discover what you offer, and how it can help make

their lives just a little bit better.


However, if you want to open peoples eyes, be willing to give extreme value

in order to get extreme attention! You have to be willing to often give value

away for free! Let’s explore how successful entrepreneurs have become

“Blog Stars” and are also attracting their ideal prospects daily, simply by

sharing their expertise, their stories, their value and their point of view…


Take a look at the image below. Here’s an image for a blog article that is

highly targeted. You should see right away in the title what type of reader this

article is obviously going to attract right?



7 Awesome Free Apps You Should Have On Your Mobile Device If You Have A Home Business!

The reader that an article like this one is going to attract is usually someone

who owns a home business right? Would you say that this article has

information that would be valuable to someone who has a home business?

Absolutely right?


This is an example of a highly targeted blog article that is meant to grab the

attention of the right individual…Successful entrepreneurs have found out

that sharing useful information with the right audience is an effective way to

grab attention and be looked at as an authority, and also it’s a way to direct

targeted traffic towards anything that you want people to see…



This is how you become a “Blog Star”


Becoming a Blog Star is simply about content creation. This is how you help

your audience find you! It’s time to start thinking about how to attract your

ideal buyer… How to become the hunted instead of the hunter! So let’s break

this down.


Think about what you offer… Your product, Your service, Your opportunity.

What are the benefits? How would my life improve if I became your customer,

or your client, or even your business partner? You see most people spend the

largest amount of their time pitching people on their products or business

instead of educating their prospects on how their products or business can

improve their way of life.


Your prospect needs to know right away what’s in it for them. This is the core

reason your prospect isn’t joining or buying. They don’t see the value… And

they’re just not being educated. Sometimes it’s not your offer. Sometimes

they just don’t see YOUR VALUE. A blogging entrepreneur is all about sharing

value and insight…


So they are consistently building relationships and adding credibility and

value to their brand because of the information, tools, and resources they’re

always sharing. They’re often looked at as an asset. They naturally take the

role of an authority figure and even a thought leader.


It’s time to start going outside of the realm of just pitching your offer, to

focusing more on sharing insight and creating ways to help your ideal

prospects discover the opportunities you have for them through sharing

your expertise, your stories, your value, and your point of view…


It’s time to become an authority!


To become an authority you must

give value, and you must become a

resource. To be more clear, it’s time

to start sharing what you know!


This is the “secret sauce” and, this

is the way many entrepreneurs in

the new age is getting discovered

and also generating more business!


This is a smart way for business owners to drive the right prospects to take a

look at their business. Become a “Blog Star”!


Blogging is one of the most effective ways to really become a standout online.

This is your own official space on the internet. As an entrepreneur that needs

to get their business seen, you need to have a place where your ideal

prospects can come to learn more about you, your vision, your offers, and as

well as be educated, and hit with tons of value.


This is not just your company website or your social media accounts. Your

blog is like your Tv or radio show! It’s a place where you get to control 100%

of the content people see, and most importantly, how many people actually

get to see your content. Also just like Tv and radio…


You get to advertise! You get to advertise whatever you want for free! This is

your own official hub where you call the shots. With your blog, you can attract

the ideal prospect with the content they would want to see… This makes it

easy to share with them something else they might want to know about!


This is the power of becoming a Blog

Star. By blogging, it gives you the

opportunity to build an audience

that you get to share value

with… And where there is value,

there are also buying decisions

being made! Blogging is simply

writing a post about what you know,

what you care about, and what’s

interesting to you. This gives your audience a real opportunity to get to know

who you are. You get to tell your story, and your readers develop a

relationship with you and your brand!



This is very powerful for the entrepreneur of today, and it’s totally a solid

reason as a serious business owner, why you should really consider

becoming a “Blog Star”! There is really no limit to what blogging can do for

your business. You can generate unlimited exposure. This method will surely

get you more attention!


A blog almost immediately positions you as an expert and it makes you stand

out in front of your competition online. A blog is also a simple way to create

multiple income streams!

You might be thinking, “What if I don’t know how to create my own blog?”


I can assure you that it’s nothing to worry about. Don’t be fooled! Blogging

isn’t difficult at all. More than likely you’re already writing a Facebook post

every day…The only difference is, most of your friends never see your post

and, you probably aren’t monetizing.


These days so many entrepreneurs are becoming Blog Stars simply because

they understand, that in order for their business to grow they need unlimited

amounts of exposure. If you’re a newbie to blogging, you need a system that

has a very good training platform with a simple drag and drop website.


Starting a blog for your business is easy, creating a successful blog is what

you will learn here inside our community of rising online entrepreneurs!

Introducing: “The Power Blog” This platform makes even the least techie

person look like they build websites for a living.


Most importantly, this system has all of the necessary tools you’re going to

need all under one roof to promote and grow a list of subscribers on your

blog. Also, for your overall marketing, you won’t have to operate multiple

platforms. This is blogging made simple.


Can you imagine what it would be like if you

could simply share your thoughts, and your

expertise no matter what it may be? Your

opinion even, and attract like-minded people

daily to look at your business?


Think about endless amounts of people

becoming your raving fans because they love

to read what you write about… and they want

you to show them more about your business.


Discover an easy path to becoming a Blog Star, attract your target audience,

and easily automate your lead generation!



Now for the first time ever, there’s an All-in-One marketing system with a

simple drag and drop website builder with short video tutorials that show

you how to easily build a stunning blog site! Not only that, You will get

immediate access to our latest innovation…


 “The Builders Club Tv”


The Builders Club Tv is an “Attraction Marketing” platform that leverages

the addiction people have for watching online videos… It appeals to like-

minded entrepreneurs in the work from home space and the site allows you

to create unlimited exposure for your business simply by sharing viral videos.




Leverage the #1 activity everyone’s addicted to online…



Click continue now to learn more about the system.

Power Lead System






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