You know,

You might see people having conversations about this on social media. Folks

talking about encounters they’ve had when their prospects have asked that

infamous question. . .


(( Is this a Pyramid??))

If you’re like most home business entrepreneurs who are passionate about

what they promote, this question can get old. Especially if you’re spending a

lot of time approaching and sharing your opportunity with people who share

that mindset. Sure I can do like most people and give you a bunch of slick

comebacks to really punch ’em in the gut when you get asked that question…





“Oh, you mean like your JOB?? That’s the real pyramid!!”

However, I’d rather show you how to never get asked that question again.

You see, There’s a reason why most people who choose to engage in the

“Machine¬†Gun Marketing” approached get those types of questions¬†from

time to time… And the reason is, they really don’t know much about the

prospect before they approach them about their deal.


Machine Gun Marketing: A marketing method where promotional

information is blasted across multiple platforms without any aim or

target marketing. People who engage in this method are mostly considered

to be spammy and are usually promoting their products and

services in front of the wrong audiences.



In marketing, one of the biggest things to focus on is understanding, and

getting to know your audience. Imagine this. . . You’re a DJ…You’re hired to DJ

at a nightclub that usually plays the hottest hip hop music. Yet, you pump up

the music loudly and you start to play some classic Garth Brooks country



What do you think the reaction would be? Do you think most of the people in

the club would appreciate or see any value in the music you chose to play? 

Even though Garth Brooks is a legendary artist, You probably are going to

lose the crowd!


Did you know that this is what people do on their social media, and in

their marketing efforts every day? Yet, they wonder why they get that

pyramid question? Or no response at all… Just like the Pyramid question,

wouldn’t some of the young hip hop heads in the nightclub ask a similar


“Is This Real Music?”

Make no mistakes. Marketing is about delivering a simple message in front of

the right audience consistently over time. This drives the proper engagement

and results. This is how you spend all of your time only talking to qualified



You see if you’re aiming your marketing messages and shooting at

everyone, and everything that moves… You’re bound to get uneducated

questions… Like the pyramid one.



In conclusion…

If you really want to stay away from people who ask the pyramid question.

Then it may be time you started adopting a more effective

marketing method. It’s time you started building real relationships.


It’s time you started building your audience…

Totally eliminated the possibility of being bugged with uneducated questions

from people who are nosey but not serious about their financial future. Your

time is your most valuable asset!


Don’t you deserve more quality prospects? It’s time to start building a list of

highly-targeted, well-qualified prospects! Do you want to discover the

absolute truth about a professional marketing method that’s even helping

home business newbies attract real opportunity- hungry individuals hunting

them down instead of having to spend countless hours being the hunter!


Power Lead System

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