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Have you ever taken the time to stop and think about what your life would be

like if you looked up 30 or 40 years from now to find that you never followed

your dreams? What if you could see yourself in the future? What type of

emotions would you have if you saw that in the future your dreams had

gotten lost in your everyday grind?


The truth is…

Going after your dreams requires you be a risk taker. For most, this is a scary

thing to be. People hate being uncomfortable, and going against the grain to

be a dream chaser is an uncomfortable position to be in. Most people instead

of taking responsibility for not going after their dreams…Much rather lean on

their false beliefs or just their overall excuses.


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There are several reasons of course that people decided not to be all that

they can be. Too many to list here. However, there are 7 beliefs across the

board it seems that some people who never follow their dreams subscribe to.


Your excuses become your belief system. 





“7 False Beliefs Of People Who Never Follow Their Dreams”



False Belief #1 I’m just too busy, I don’t have the time!

This is one of the most popular beliefs! However, we know that people find

time to do the things they want to do all the time. The truth is. If it’s not a

priority to you then you won’t find time to do it…


Lack of time is the easiest excuse to make, and the most comfortable belief

to adopt because it feels like it’s the easiest to sell. People who buy into this

belief somehow feel they’re justifying their failure to take action.


False Belief #2 I don’t have the money!





With just a little research it’s easy to discover that this is just not true in most

cases. With today’s technology and social media… there are just so many

different ways to create opportunity. It’s safe to say where there is a will…

there is a way!



The lack of finances is just like the lack of time excuse… Because we also

know that people have money for things they want to have money for. Again

it is all about priority and what’s important to a person at the moment.


False Belief #3 I’m waiting for the best opportunity!


Here’s the reality about an opportunity. It’s not always something you want

to wait on. And at the same time… It’s not something that always waits on

you… Opportunity doesn’t always come knocking at your door…Sometimes

opportunity is something you have to go and create.



Most people who wait end up becoming experts at it.  Waiting actually in

most cases also means that you’re standing still. Which also more than likely

means opportunity is passing you by. The “I’m waiting” belief is just

another way of saying I’m not ready. This is never a good position to

take… Entrepreneurship is a world where being ready has to become second






False Belief #4 It’s risky, and my job is guaranteed!


This belief is why a person has to know for sure if entrepreneurship is the

path they want to take. Entrepreneurs are always taking the

calculated risk. If the idea of making quick decisions, taking action, and

choosing to go down unpopular roads makes you uncomfortable,

then entrepreneurship may not be for you.



And that’s ok…Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone.


In my opinion, there is no shame in making an honest living working a job

and living a life where you feel complete and happy about your career

choices. As long as you genuinely love what you do and there is

advancement, as well as stability for your family, that’s all that matters!



However when it comes to being an entrepreneur…You can’t fake the funk!

But always remember nothing is guaranteed..not a job…and not even owning

your own business. It’s all about the chances you’re willing to take. Ask

yourself, what type of freedom to you really want? A freedom that you

control? Or freedom that someone else has to sign off on?


False Belief #5 I don’t have support from my family!



This holds a lot of people back! In order to be your own boss… You can’t be

afraid to stand on your own. Which often times you will have to do because

receiving support from your family and friends when it comes to your vision

can be tough. Most people who are serious about making their dreams come

true, often do it knowing they’re not going to get much support from the

people around them.



When someone is dead serious about their goals… they’re more interested in

making people believers more than they are wanting people to cosigned their

dreams. People who make the excuse that they aren’t getting started

because no one will support them is really just making an excuse to put their

dreams off because they really are afraid of what their family and friends will

say if they fail…


False Belief #6 There are too many scams out there!







Ever met this person before? The guy that says everything is a scam!LOL

Truth be told, this person is really afraid of moving forward and making a

decision about changing their lives. No matter how good something is or

sounds, no matter how big the opportunity, this person doesn’t trust




It’s really their way of making sure they don’t encounter any pain,

defeat or failure. The thought of taking a risk and trying something new is

absolutely terrifying to them! So it is much easier to call scam. It’s like having

a safety net. This type of person typically isn’t a risk taker.



Most of the time they would rather see someone else “do it first” before

they even think about jumping. They believe in “Playing it safe.” Which is not

always a bad thing… but it can cost you…


False Belief #7 I don’t want to waste time…What if it doesn’t work?!


There is one thing that it takes to go after your dreams, this one thing can

make you, or break you… That is your “BELIEF” What you believe is what’s

going to build your reality. There is power in your belief. So when a person is

afraid that they may waste their time by starting a business because it may

not work…



It’s really because they lack belief in themselves…Someone who is confident

in who they are and their own abilities understands that in order to create a

result all it requires is their action and belief.


People who have this belief will always tend to focus more on what if it

doesn’t, instead of what if it does Also, their goal is to stay clear of let down

and failure. The last thing they want is to put in the effort only to come up



So in conclusion,

Your success in life is a direct result of your belief system. Successful people

never subscribe to these 7 beliefs. Instead, the kind of people that we see

always taking life to the next level…are people who believed that they could

do it in the first place…


Do successful people have doubts? Absolutely!  However, their decisions

aren’t based on doubt and fear. It is based on the belief in themselves, their

skills, and the team they have around them. If your goal is to truly make all

your dreams come true…Then make sure you never adopt these 7 false





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