Every home business entrepreneur has their favorite go-to apps on their

phone that are the perfect tools, and just makes things easier!


So I thought I would share the apps I use constantly on my phone from day to

day. These apps all play important roles in my daily business activities…They

just make things much easier… And they’re just cool!


Sorry, I’m an Android user, so the links to download these apps are

from the Google Play Store. Although some of these apps may be

available for Apple also. I recommend just doing a quick Google search

to find them.


 1. PowerDirector – PowerDirector is by far the best video editing app I’ve ever used on my mobile device!

Description: PowerDirector is the best video editor app, with

powerful timeline video editing, free video effects, a photo video

editor, slow motion & more – including voice over & action movie effects to

produce & share great videos on YouTube or Vine! And now you can produce

4K movies! Download


 2. PhotoDirector –  Another powerful app from Cyberlink. This app makes your pictures pop!

Description: Change your smartphone pics and make them look

like they were shot on a Canon or Nikon. Photoshop your travel

pictures, enhance landscape images, and create a professional quality

artwork from an ordinary photograph. Download



 3. Inigo Cards – This app is really awesome and new age! It

definitely, comes in handy when I am out networking! It always

helps me make a great first impression!

Description: Inigo lets you create, exchange and update digital

business cards on the fly, so you can share the marketing & contact

information you want with new connections in any situation and track who

viewed or saved it. Download



  4. Pixelot. – As you know, online it’s all about sharing results.

However, sometimes you need to blur out private details in your

images. This app lets you do it with ease.

Description: Pixelot provides an easy method for blurring or

censoring regions of a photo with pixels. Use this app to hide faces, license

plates, names & addresses, etc. Then share your picture on Google+,

Facebook, Twitter, email, and more*. Download



5. Clipper – Clipboard Manager – Probably one of the apps I use the most!

Description: Clipper is a powerful clipboard manager that

automatically saves everything you copy. Access your clipboard

history later and organize clippings in lists. Copy, paste, view, edit and share

their contents. Store repetitive pieces of text in Clipper and copy them

whenever you need to. Take control of copy and paste with Clipper!



 6. Ripl  Definitely handy if you want to add a new look to your social media post.

Description: Stand out on social media with eye-catching

animated video posts. It only takes seconds to customize your

content and share on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Engage your customers

and boost your business with Ripl! Download



 7. Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie –  A great way to connect!

Description: It’s time to make keeping in touch fun and personal!

Use Marco Polo to communicate with people who matter the most.

Marco Polo is a video walkie-talkie with memory. Your friend can start

chatting with you right away or they can reply later when they have time.



Download and enjoy!



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