This is one of my favorite tools for networking and connecting with people! (Works like Magic)


First, Do you have business cards?

Well. . . Forget the paper business cards! That’s prehistoric now… Welcome to

the Digital World! Let’s go paperless… The best thing about this is, You will

never have to buy business cards again! This is FREE!

I lucked up when I discovered this app. You will have the ability to set up all

your social media info… phone, email, website/capture pages, YouTube

channel or any info that you want to share! Understand…Simply because I

appreciate connecting with you…I will be sharing cool marketing tools like

this on the regular if you don’t mind…


What I am sending you now is not associated with the all in one marketing

system I use called Power Lead System I am actually just giving you a tool I

consider to be one of my top secret weapons… You will fall in love with it…!

This app will even let you see when someone is looking at your business card

in real time… As well as let you see how many clicks your card is getting

Daily/Weekly/Monthly…and also who actually saves your card on their phone!

Yes…you will actually get to see anytime your prospects or potential clients

look at your card. (See real-time views) Hard to believe I know…but this app is

really Free. There are other features within the app that you’re able to

upgrade to if you want to try more features…However, the free version of this

app does the trick for me. I’m so glad I found it.


Digital Business Card Click here… And also on the next page as an added

“BONUS” I’ll show you My #1 recommended online marketing system for

getting more exposure for anything you’re selling!





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