Creating a Facebook profile video can work for you in a great way as far as

creating engagement and attracting new followers.


Even though you can only upload a 7-second video, a lot can be said within

that 7-second window! For example, what I did was create a short greeting

video to use as my profile video. This has been awesome for getting new

friend request and followers from like-minded people. It is also a great

conversation starter.


Facebook profile videos are still relatively a new concept and most people

aren’t yet taking advantage of it. However. . . If your goal is to always be

connecting with new people to share your products, services, or business

opportunity with, then you definitely want to create a warm and welcoming

vibe right from the start by creating one for your own profile.  When people

stumble across someone’s Facebook profile they don’t usually get a greeting.


So when you do this it will make you stand out big time! Most people that I

have seen create Facebook profile videos aren’t really using it to connect with

like-minded people. Which they’re missing out on a huge opportunity to

invite people to look deeper into their profile and even walk right into one of

their offers.

On my profile video, I keep the message sweet and simple, for the goal is to

connect with the right people and individuals who possess the right mindset

to join my friend’s list.


Slide examples
See the live version of my Facebook profile video here


I created the slides you see above for free on If you

want to create a professional look for your social media post, flyers, blog…etc

then you will love this website.


I then used a free video editing app called Power Director


PowerDirector is the best video editor app, with powerful timeline video

editing, free video effects, a photo video editor, slow motion & more –

including voice over & action movie effects to produce & share great videos

on Facebook, YouTube, or Vine! And now you can produce 4K movies!


Once I figured out what I wanted to say to everyone and anyone who lands

on my Facebook profile so I could connect with them, I then went over to to create my slides.

You can say whatever you want or share anything you want on your

slides…Just remember… You only have 7 seconds or less to make a quick

connection with a like-minded person. Once I created my slides and I

uploaded them to the Power Director app, after that, I simply uploaded my

video to my Facebook profile using my mobile device(not my computer).


So there you have it! Your own Facebook profile video that acts as your own personal greeting to connect with quality people on Facebook! I hope this helps you with attracting more business-minded people to connect with on Facebook!

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