Do you understand what your target market wants? What attracts them? How

do you get people to pay attention to what you have to offer? How do you get

people to care?


Your ideal prospect is looking for value. They’re also looking for help, and

they want to be informed. Your ideal prospect wants to know what you know,

as well as what’s in it for them.


Today we have the ability to share our thoughts and ideas with unlimited

amounts of people whenever we want with a click of a button. This gives you

the home business entrepreneur an incredible power!


But are you sharing the right message with the right audience?


Part of the title in this article is “Content Is King”. So let’s talk about that.


Why is content, king?

The answer is simple. Content is what people want to see…

And with the right content, you can get the right people in front of whatever it

is that you want them to see!


Imagine if Tv showed nothing but commercials… All day long…Commercials

only. Would people still watch tv as often as they do today? Of course not

right? People don’t turn on the tv to watch commercials.

They come to watch their favorite Tv shows…Or their favorite (CONTENT) Is

your social media timeline one big commercial nobody wants to see? Are

people constantly changing the channel when they come across your post? If

all you are is one big infomercial, it’s highly likely.


Social media is how most people promote what they offer. However, most

people go about promoting on their social media with what I like to call the

“Machine Gun Marketing” approach.

Which is basically a method where you shoot your marketing message at

everything moving no matter who they are or what they’re looking for…

everyone’s getting hit. This is the fastest way to turn off your followers…


So when you’re using your content properly…videos, social media, blog post,

they’re all intended to stimulate interest in your products or services. So

being creative with your Facebook post, for example, is a great way to

capture the attention of a person who maybe wouldn’t have paid attention to

a direct, cut and dry post that basically just ask them to buy or if they want to

join right now.


You see, there is no value built there…and where there is no value…there are

no buying decisions. When was the last time you bought or joined something

without being informed properly, without seeing true value, or without any

relationship built?


If you have…that’s another conversation. lol But for the most part nobody

does that. Put yourself in the mind frame of the buyer…How can you show

true value? What can you share with a potential buyer that makes them see

you, and what you offer in another light?


How do you get them to drop their guard?

Here’s the answer… You simply connect with them. You become a human

being!LOL You laugh with them, you engage with them. Show the parts of

yourself that helps them connect with you as a person. Educate them, inspire



Become an asset and a resourceful person. Share content with them that

they care about. Here’s an example of a post that does not provide value, and

just asks upfront for the sale as opposed to sharing the kind of content that

your target audience would want to see. You might see this type of post often

on social media.



Content Marketing


Ok I admit, this image is a bit exaggerated but I think you get the point!LOL

You see this post is not going to attract a quality prospect…

Yes, you may have some people who see this and they completely go for it.

However, by constantly posting advertisements like this, you’re basically

turning your timeline into an infomercial, and people will continuously turn

the channel… Yep, that’s what you don’t want people to see when they tune

into your station…Commercials all day, all the time!


Here’s an example of a more effective post that not only gets you the right

attention but it will also attract the right people! When you post things that

are resourceful and informational that people get value from…

It show’s you a lot about the people that engage with these type of post.

These are ultimately serious people who are serious about educating, and

bettering themselves by taking advantage of useful information…These are

the type of people you really want to partner and work with!



Facebook Marketing


Can you see the difference?

Now once you share info like this, it is best to guide people to a platform that

you have full range and control over. The key with your social media is to

have a way to build your following and connect with the people who love

your content.

But ultimately, however, getting them off of your social media and onto an

online platform that you own and get to control 100% who sees your content

is the goal!


Oh yes… Once you get them to your website that you control… THEY ARE IN

YOUR HOUSE NOW! Which means they get to see everything you’re into, and

everything that you offer… And they have no choice but to see your furniture

and sit on your couch figuratively speaking.


 One of the best ways to do this is with a blog.


Often times people will direct their prospects to a landing page or lead

capture page. This is ok too sometimes. However, if you really want your

prospects to warm up to you, then invite them into a world of value an allow

them to make their own decisions. With a blog, you can do this very easily.


First off, you get to share your knowledge and experience. Your prospects get

to see your wisdom and really learn who you are as a person. You get to build

your following and audience and share value with them. This helps people

connect with you on another level and you become an asset… You become a



“When you share your knowledge, you become a person that people want to

learn from. You become a person people want to follow”. #Prostayhomedad

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This is what you want. . .








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