Are you a Parentpreneur?


Every day more and more people are starting their online home business.

With the advancement of technology, people are starting to really wake up to

the reality that they’re truly responsible for their own bottom line. However if

you’re a parent, and you’re working from home, as you know already… It can

be challenging.


So speaking from my own experiences, I have two young, energetic boys.

There’s Tyssen, my 6-year-old… and also Cameron, who’s 2 years old. So at

home, things can get a little busy!LOL Fortunately I was able to come to the

realization about something that was extremely critical to my success…

One, I was going to have to find a way to put more effort into my business.

The challenge of building a home business sometimes as a parent is, making

sure you’re not neglecting your responsibilities. Like spending quality time

with your family.


Before I discovered business automation and growing a business online, The

only time my business would work is when I worked. Here was the

challenge. . . I couldn’t always work my business when I wanted to.


I started wondering how do I, regardless of how busy I may be, do I keep my

business generating income. In other words, Even when I stop… how do I

keep the business going? That said, the idea of working from home and

building my business from my laptop was a very attractive idea to me!


Just the thought of being able to have a website that would funnel new leads

& prospects through to my offers, products, or services, continuously on

autopilot, made so much sense to me. Often times us parents can really get

tied up with just our day to day responsibilities. So adding automation to my

marketing was just a no-brainer.


So eventually what I discovered is that…

Many parents involved in work from home businesses all over the world were

already using “Business Automation” to promote and market their business

more efficiently. So to capitalize on a major point here…


Online marketing creates leverage.

For example. When someone visits your website, Do you know exactly the

minute when they do? The very first fundamental thing you’ll learn about

internet marketing is that “The Money Is In The List” If you’re not capturing

the contact information of the people who are visiting your website, then

you’re losing money!


Online, It’s all about building your list. Your email list that is. When you’re

marketing your business online, as a busy parent it works so amazingly well

because, while I am changing dirty diapers, checking homework, or cleaning

house, my internet marketing system is capturing new business, presenting

and closing sales for me on autopilot. This way, Even when I stop, the

business keeps going!


If you’re a parent or just a busy person period and you’re building a business

working from home, marketing automation is going to be a great move for

you. If you want to erase the stress of feeling like you’re getting behind, then

you want to learn how to have simple marketing tools in place that help you

promote and market your business on autopilot with business automation.

It was easy getting my marketing system in place with this. . .

(Watch the video below)

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