If you’re looking for the best video editing app, there’s a free option that is

definitely worth its weight in gold! It has been my go-to for months! A true

diamond in the rough. I have spent months trying to find a simple to use

editing app for my mobile phone that makes it easy to edit on the fly and

assist me in keeping my creative juices flowing for my video creation.


After downloading and playing around with a few video editing apps in the

app store, none of them have been able to compare to the PowerDirector

video editor.


There are a ton of tools and features on the inside of this app which allows

you to get pretty creative with your content. As a marketer content is always

king! If you want a trusty, very reliable video editing app that is simple to use

for editing videos on your phone, then you’ll want to download



There are several ways I use PowerDirector:

I am able to edit cool videos to use for all of my Custom Youtube Videos

Pages, Lead Capture Pages, Sales Presentations Pages, Email Video

Templates, Video Post Cards…etc. Need marketing tools like these to help

you stand out online with your business?

This app also allows me to get really creative with all of my social media

videos I post. Also having the ability to record and edit videos on the fly is

great when you want to send a quick video to your email list, and you want to

add a professional touch to your video.


This app is very versatile. You’ll see once you download it in the app store

how creative you can be with it.


Download PowerDirector Video Editor In The App Store

Having a handy editing app like PowerDirector will help you take your video

marketing to the next level. Video marketing is a very powerful way to build

your personal brand and your list.


Creating videos will help you with getting content out there about your

business, However after you create content, it is then all about capturing the

contact information of the people who view your content. This is so you can

help your viewer discover the true value of what you offer.


You do this by sharing with the viewer (who will

become your subscriber) relevant content which gives them a deeper

understanding of your products, services or even your business opportunity.

This is done with follow up emails that point to the details, paints the bigger

picture, and builds the value for your offer.


Content Marketing is a game changer! Creating content to attract

your target audience, and then sharing value them is how you build a strong



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